February 19, 1958
From the Forum Network's lecture titled "Frank Lloyd Wright - Creative Mind: The Architect as Creator"

"New York is the biggest mouth in the world. It appears to be prime example of the herd instinct, leading the universal urban conspiracy to beguile man from his birthright (the good ground), to hang him by his eyebrows from skyhooks above hard pavement, to crucify him, sell him, or be sold by him."

"Out of Americas rugged individualism captained by rugged captains of our rugged industrial enterprises we have gradually evolved a crude, vain power: plutocratic capitalism. Not true capitalism. I believe this is entirely foreign to our own original idea of democracy."

"I believe totally in a Capitalist System, I only wish that someone would try it."

"America needs no help to Broadacre City. It will haphazard build itself. Why not plan it?"

"Inevitably, there will develop a new form of community life, but just what it will be except as Broadacre City tentatively outlines it as free to grow, who can say? Not I. Who is going to say how humanity will eventually be modified by all these spiritual changes and physical advantages, sound and vision coming through solid walls to men, each aware of anything in or of the world he lives in without lifting a finger, making it unnecessary to go anywhere unless it is a pleasure to go. The whole psyche of humanity is changing and what that change will ultimately bring as future community I will not prophecy. It is already greatly changed."



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Refinishing a Frank Lloyd Wright house - Putty Nail Holes & Cracks

It is a beautiful Fall day to replace all the screws on the south side of Cedric's balcony and putty all the nail holes and cracks. Took off Wednesday afternoon to treat the surface with 4 oz of TSP, 1 quart of Clorox and three quarts of water. Will sand and paint the first coat of Sikkens Cetol 1 tomorrow. Getting the correct screws was an adventure. First I got # 12 2-1/2" brass screws because they seemed to match and I just took it for granted that they should be brass. They were very hard to screw into the holes so I checked the plans we scanned at Taliesin West and they indicated #10 3" screws. And after checking the interior walk away screws they are steel. They just looked brass because of the finish over them. Replaced the #12s with #10 steel. "Something is always happening in the country," as Frank Lloyd Wright said. I guess it was meant for refinishing a Frank Lloyd Wright home as well.
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