Mt. Airy Rain Catchers

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Mt. Airy Rain Catchers is a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) project that enlisted the help of Mt. Airy neighborhood partners to install rain gardens and rain barrels in their yards. EPA's goal is to evaluate how these individual, household actions can improve local water quality. To measure this, EPA will be monitoring the health of local Shepherd Creek before and after the installation of rain barrels and rain gardens.

The Rain Catchers project offered home owners the chance to receive an exciting, natural landscape feature that uses less water, fewer chemicals and, most importantly, less time to maintain than the average lawn. The installation was free of charge including three years of maintenance!


Fergus Street Northside LEED Project

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The Fergus Street Homeownership Project is an effort by local non profit CNCURC to increase homeownership opportunities in a targeted area of the Northside neighborhood. The group is working to build new homes and renovate existing structures using sustainable materials and practices. The first phase of this project consists of two identical houses built side by side at the corner of Chase Avenue and Fergus Street, a former site of drug activity.