Infrared Photos Indicate Sealing Needed

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Barb Yankie of Homes +, Inc. took infrared photos of the home in the Spring of 2007 and provided a detailed report indicating where sealing work needs to be done. I plan to have all the corner and flat glass resealed before next winter. For the corners I'm using Lexel Clear Sealant from Sashco Sealants, Inc., 103300 East 107th Place, Brighton, CO 80601, 1-800-289-7290 which is the clearest I've found. Thanks to Stan Beck of Beck's Hardware for tipping me off about it. The last set of photos show the radiant coils in the living room floor.

Barb Yankie established Homes +, Inc. in January 2000. She has more than fifteen years of experience performing energy audits, infrared surveys, and other testing and diagnostic services for residential and commercial structures. Barb is a Level II Thermographer (ASNT compliant for Building Applications), a HERS Rater, RESNET board member, and ENERGY STAR® partner. [email protected]