Refinishing a Frank Lloyd Wright house – 1st Coat Sikkens Cetol 1

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It took us months to decide what to do with the parts of the home that needed refinishing. Should we use the latex like paint that the house was painted with in the 90s? The original Monsanto product was taken off the market as carcinogenic. As much as it would be easy to just paint the house in as close a match to the existing as possible, Janet and I longed to have the wood grain come out as we had seen on many of the other Frank Lloyd Wright homes we visited. After determining that the Sikkens polyurethane finish should last as long if not longer than latex, we decide to take the plunge. The fact that the preparation is three times as long and the painting three times as long didn’t play in the decision! We’re doing this for fun, I keep telling myself. And so far it has been. This is the first coal of Sikkens, Cetol 1. Today I’ll take off work for 1/2 a day and put on the second.