Frank Lloyd Wright Refinishing

Refinishing Continues at the Frank Lloyd Wright Boulter House

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Put in another hour on surface prep of the Boulter House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin Architects in 1954. The next step will be to mix up a batch of Abatron epoxy along with iron oxide to match the home. Fill in all the cracks and nail holes. Prep again for TSP and Clorox wash to prep for Sikkens three coat finish.

” July 11th, 2018, this is the progress on the decorative molding for the Boulter House in Cincinnati. This piece will go up there on the south side. See the pattern there on the corner I’m working on the next bay. The shape of the house or the glyph of the house, other Wright homes have patterns cut into the plywood sunscreens for the clerestory windows. We just have 11 square holes, square windows. This is a very simple design at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Boulter House in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m refinishing the facade of the house. This is Chuck Lohre, Janet Groeber and I purchased the home in 2003. It was an interesting story. We only learned about the house for sale on a Wednesday. Janet and I went there the next day. The auction was the following day. My realtor didn’t show up. Janet didn’t come with me. I was so taken aback by the auction. It was almost like prostitutes were soliciting you at a brothel and didn’t bid. I bid once, and then I didn’t, and a shame that it went for less than what we decided was our highest number. I was distraught. Janet said she couldn’t live with me. I called the young man that won the auction the Monday afterwards and it turns out that he didn’t really know what he’s doing either. He didn’t know they added 10% to the amount you bid. So, I gave him 3%. He was very happy. He really needed it. He was just a bidding for another party, who just wouldn’t go the extra 10%. I’ve never been happier and its just been a fabulous experience being taught by Frank Lloyd Wright himself as well as the great architects that worked at Taliesin.”

Frank Lloyd Wright Refinishing
Frank Lloyd Wright designed home refinishing

We’re having a lot of fun refinishing the home but we hope it does’t take 20 years like the Darwin D. Martin House.