What is it like living in a Frank Lloyd Wright House?

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Janet and I get this question all the time. You have to be up to living in a famous piece of architecture. Janet and I are trying to do our homework and can talk Wright sort of but we’re alway learning and living here I get to be taught by Wright himself. I like the large glass windows. More than any other feature that is what I enjoy most because you are always outdoors. The scenery always changes. Day and night, season to season it is just plain encouraging and never depressing. A large great room is another feature of the home and another typical modern home feature. Living here is like signing up for an intense architectural fellowship, a commitment to understand, be sensitive and learn. We’re doing that and Janet and I also enjoy sharing the home with everyone that is interested. Every day that goes by fewer and fewer even know who Wright was but the ones that do are our kindred spirits. His buildings are timeless and that’s another thing he’s teaching me. . Please go to this link to read about our early experiences living in a Frank Lloyd Wright designed home. http://beckhardware.blogspot.com/