15 panel 2.2 kWh Solar Panel Array

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Myself and another interested couple toured this installation in December 2007. 

The patio roof is a standing seam metal style and allowed the panel stands to clamp to the seams without penetrating the roof. The family installed the solar panels not only to reduce their electric bill and improve their home's resale value but to make a statement about their personal views on setting an example of responsibility for the planet. Perry Leitner did the installation, he is very proud of his 120 mph wind resistant design http://www.bluechipsolarandwind.com/ . Notice the many vertical supports and the additional bracing.

To view the actual energy produced go to http://www.sunnyportal.com/Templates/PublicPageOverview.aspx?plant=a039b69c-5e3b-4676-b51b-67e59ccf423b&splang= ) 

To contact the owner please email [email protected]