Elements IV Office and Warehouse Renovation

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This industrial office and warehouse was completely renovated and LEED Interior Silver documentation has been submitted. Interior tearout finishes were recycled. President, Jack King, will speak at the October 19, 2007 LEED owners event at The Boulter House. The final cost per square foot was nearly half of a comparable space. One photo shows the underfloor airconditioning and electrical distribution that they represent. Such a floor was used in the American Laundry Building in Norwood, OH. Another interesting feature of the building is that the lower floor is built into the hillside.



Chuck the HVAC system was designed by Waibel Energy Systems in Dayton. ContactDave Waibel and he can hook you up. Dave can be contacted at 937.264.4343. they also designed the building monitoring system we use
to control the lights and hvac. jk

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