Keystone Parke, Neyer Properties

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A tour of the first building on the site was held July 10, 2008 for about 20 individuals studying for their LEED AP accreditation.  The two site photos show the low height way finding lights for the access roads and the interior of the Neyer Properties offices. Thanks to Jeff Chamot for giving the tour. Education is one of the credits they are submitting for.

This 460,000 sq. ft. commercial office campus being constructed at I-71 and Dana Avenue will include integration with the current Evanston Park on the west side of the site. Some LEED features include: integration and improvement of existing park and greenspace, high efficiency HVAC, allowing for bicycle and public transportation, job site recycling and reduced water use landscape design. LEED interior buildout will be encouraged. Illustrations by permission of Neyer Properties.



Some of the Credits they submitted on the core and shell:

Flyash concrete additive

Low exterior lighting levels

Low heat island effect with concrete versus asphalt

Low water use irrigation

Recycling program managed by Rumpke

Structured parking 

Some of the Credits they submitted on the commercial interior:


Low water use. 

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